The Armenians, who lived within the borders of the Ottoman Empire as citizens faithful to their country and in peace for centuries, were called as “the most loyal nation of the empire (millet-i sadıka)” and fulfilled many important duties in the Ottoman government.

However, the Armenian terror organizations, which were formed as a result of the instigation of the foreign forces in 1915 -the most stressful year of the World War I for especially the Ottoman Empire as from the end of the 19th century- revolted against the Ottoman state. Original documents reveal clearly how these organizations massacred the defenseless Turks.

Having lost 1/5 of its total population and 4/5 of its territories during the World War I, the Ottoman Empire decided to transfer and relocate these groups to the southern regions where they would be less affected by war, in
order to ensure the life safety of its citizens, to provide rear and flank security of its troops, to keep open its logistic routes, and to prevent the harmful activities of some groups that undoubtedly collaborated with the enemy.

What happened in 1915? Why did the Ottoman government make such a decision?

The experiences and knowledge of the famous scholar Prof. Dr. Hikmet ÖZDEMİR on this issue are of distinct for all of us. Prof. ÖZDEMİR has carried out various related researches for a long time by using especially the foreign archive documents in order to reach the truth. He has also conducted intense studies to objectively unfold the intentionally distorted history to the public conscience.

Brigadier General
Chief of SAREM

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