What Happened in 1915?

In order to enlighten the events known as the “1915 Crisis” between the Turks and the Armenians who lived together in an environment of peace and trust over the centuries in the Ottoman Empire, we first need to frankly answer the question “what happened in 1915?

Yes, what happened between the Ottoman Government and the Ottoman Armenian Committees while the war waged on in 1915?

Did you know that the Committee of Union and Progress in power, and the Armenian Dashnak Committee voted for the same single list in the Ottoman Parliamentary elections almost a year before 1915?

Only 7 years before 1915, during the 1908 Young Turks’ movement, the prominent members of the Committee of Union and Progress, and the leaders of the Dashnak Committee shouted “Long live freedom!” in the squares of Istanbul together.

Well, why did then the same Turkish and Armenian leaders fought against each other on “enemy” sides when mobilization for the Great War was declared?

The world history is full of examples where the “real” is always disguised and distorted.

Let us examine our own case:

In the spring of 1915, the assaults of the Entente Powers against the Çanakkale Strait, and the ground operations of the Russian Army in the Eastern Anatolia were continuing simultaneously.

In those days, the coastal areas of the Empire were under the unceasing bombardment of the Entente battleships.

On April 24, 1915 (in other words, the date declared by the Armenian Diaspora and the Armenian Republic as a kind of “chosen trauma”), the Government in Istanbul arrested the leaders of the Ottoman Armenian Committees on the grounds of “having conducted military activities in favor of enemy forces.

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