Why Are The Archives Important

I would like to describe the picture in Istanbul and Anatolia on April 24, 1915.

At the time, the French Embassy in Istanbul was closed due to the World War. However, the intelligence reports, titled “daily events”, drawn by the French Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires were being sent to France via the US Embassy in Istanbul.

The historical information documented in the intelligence reports prepared by the French Embassy in Istanbul between April 25 and May 1, 1915 is as follows:

Archive(ONE) The Russian Navy is positioned at the Black Sea entrance of the Istanbul Strait.

(TWO) The British and French Navies have launched an attack on the entrance of the Çanakkale Strait.

(THREE) Armenians at the Caucasus Front are fighting against the Turkish Forces together with the Russian Army.

(FOUR) In Erzurum area, and especially in Van, the Armenian gangs are fighting against Turks.

(FIVE) The leaders of the Armenian Committees are arrested in the Ottoman capital.

(SIX) This pressure of the Ottoman Government is to the outcome of the Armenian attitude displayed in Zeytun, and at the Caucasus Front. (The term “attitude” is not explained in the report.)

(SEVEN) According to the Chief of the Ottoman Court Martial, the Armenian Committees abroad are preparing a rebellion in the six provinces of Eastern Anatolia. (In fact, the Armenian Committees had already started the rebellion; the report claims they were at the stage of “preparation”).

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